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20 tips to stay healthy Change your routine for health

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Small and easy changes in routine can make you healthier and taller. Provided that you adopt some things for a lifetime and put away some things left behind forever. For this, adopt a simple 20-point life.

  • Get up every morning before sunrise (5 o’clock) and go for a walk of two or three km. Start the day with Surya worship. This will awaken such a power that will refresh the heart and mind.
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  • Always keep the body straight, that is, if you sit then you should stretch, if you walk then keep your body straight.
  • Try to make health by eating only. The best way to do this is to always chew the food with pleasure so that the digestion process is fine, it will not cause any problem.
  • The main reason for obesity is oily and sugary food. This increases body fat, lethargy and lethargy. Consume these substances only in limited quantities.
  • Avoid heavy meals or undigested food. If you have to do this then fast once and make a balance.
  • Make a habit of reducing the attachment to the vehicle and reducing its use. Walk as far as possible for short distances. This will exercise the muscles, which will help in protecting the environment while keeping you healthy and attractive.
  • Use more and more fruits and vegetables in the diet. Obtain essential oil elements from them, get the supply of essential oil for the body from substances of natural form.
  • Do not let laziness come in your mind, try to get the work done quickly.
  • Do household chores yourself – These works give the result of many exercises.
  • Busyness is a blessing, a free medicine for longevity, keep yourself busy.
  • Dress according to your personality. Wear some tight clothes, this will keep you agile.
  • Life is the name of walking, mobility is life, always remember this.
  • Have a sense of goal, purpose and dedication towards work in your life.
  • The beauty of the body is in its cleanliness. Take special care of it.
  • Must be done in the morning and evening. Also, change clothes after taking a bath before sleeping. You will feel refreshed.
  • Every part of the body breathes through pores. So wear nice, clean and minimal clothes while sleeping. Cotton clothes are best.
  • Always keep the hair groomed. Use oil regularly in your hair. Keep hair short, neat, keep unnecessary hair clean.
  • Be sure to take time regularly to have darshan of your adorable God. Whatever religion you follow, you should pray to God according to your religious system.
  • Due to anger, the beauty of body, mind and thoughts are destroyed. Avoid the loss of your physical energy by keeping restraint in moments of anger.

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