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Former England batsman Alex Hales has denied allegations that he used a term related to racism while naming his dog. Azim Rafiq alleged that his former Yorkshire teammate Gary Balance used the name to refer to players who were not white.

Rafiq shared his experiences of racism and discrimination in Yorkshire County in detail on Tuesday before the UK Parliamentarians on the Committee on Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). He claimed that England international Balance used to use the name ‘Kevin’ as a ‘derogatory’ term in reference to players who were not white.

He said that everyone in England’s dressing room is aware of this. Rafiq said Hales named his dog ‘Kevin’ because he was black. “Having heard the allegations against me, I vehemently deny that my dog’s name has anything to do with the word racist,” Hales said in the statement.

“I respect the stand taken by Azim Rafiq and the things he is facing and my sympathies are with him. ,

“Racism or discrimination of any kind has no place in cricket and I will gladly cooperate if the sporting authorities decide to conduct an investigation,” Hales said.

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