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Hugh and Colleen Gantzer famous quotes

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Hugh and Colleen Gantzer famous quotes, Motivational qutoes

Hugh and Colleen quotes. – If there’s something that you’re waiting to start, today is the good time. Don’t wait for situation to be ideal or life to be perfect before you begin. Take the first step because life won’t ever be perfect but life is passing by. Build up as you move. Good things take time.

Hugh and Colleen quotes. – You inspire me in ways nobody ever could, even though you’re unaware. Your existence itself is the reason enough for life being beautiful.

Hugh and Colleen quotes. – Don’t talk yourself out of your dreams and desires out of fear. Start believing that good things can happen to you, way beyond where you’re stuck at this moment. Once you think positive, you’ll find a strength hidden within & no impediments on the way will be able to hinder you.

Hugh and Colleen quotes. – Mistakes don’t mean that you’re inadequate. Don’t doubt & second guess yourself. Let it be an opportunity to attempt once again. When it already is a mess, how much worse can it get? Strike better and strike harder. Whether you realize or not, circumstances have helped you grow.

Hugh and Colleen quotes. – If someone exhausts you constantly yet behaves like a victim, it’s a sign to step back and reconsider how much value they add to your life. They are the people who struggle with self worth and use you to get a sense of accomplishment & control. Protect yourself from their circus.

Hugh and Colleen quotes. – When something new in life pushes you out of your comfort zone, it isn’t intended to destroy you. It’s purpose is to bring you close to your true strength. The real you, that’s buried beneath societal conformations. The authentic you, craving to be the best version of yourself.

Hugh and Colleen quotes. – Be a dreamer. Let your dreams be the craziest, wackiest and the most bizarre ones ever. It all starts with a dream. You can add passion to bring it to life. Even if you fail, some time in future you will look back at life with a fond smile and laugh at all the madcap experiences.

Hugh and Colleen quotes. – If yesterday was the most disgusting day for you, there’s a good news. It only gets better from here. Today is a new day, a new opportunity. Let it all start from scratch. Embrace your demons & turn them patiently into lessons & wisdom. Look for silver lining. Try to start again.

Hugh and Colleen quotes. – You were taught to seek validation of others by those who were themselves desperate for external acceptance. Looking for approval isn’t wrong, making it a core of your existence is! When you resort to people-pleasing as a way of life you enslave yourself & lose your own identity!

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