India shocked by Omicron case

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Be careful, the infection of the new form of corona ‘Omicron’ is increasing rapidly in the country. On Sunday, the first patient infected with Omicron was found in Delhi, while seven people were confirmed in Maharashtra and nine in Rajasthan. With this, 21 people have come under the grip of this Omicron virus so far. Earlier, Omicron patients were also found in Karnataka. Altogether 17 cases of the new variant of the corona virus Omicron were reported in a single day, which created an atmosphere of fear in the country. However – it is a matter of relief that nobody’s condition

infected came from Tanzania

A 37-year-old man infected with Omicron in Delhi had traveled from Tanzania a few days back. After the confirmation of Omicron in the genome sequencing report, he is now undergoing treatment in the special ward at LNJP. Health Minister Satyendar Jain said that all the people coming from abroad are being tested for RTPCR.

Genome report of 12 out of 17 infected

So far a total of 17 people were found positive. He has been admitted to LNJP. Reports of all 17 were sent for genome sequencing. Of these, there have been reports of 12 in which Omicron has been confirmed in a person from Tanzania. However, he said that this is the primary report, the final report from the lab will come by Monday. At present, a total of 23 people are admitted in LNJP Hospital, out of which 17 are Kovid positive and 6 people who came in direct contact with them. Four people in contact with the person in whom Omicron has been confirmed are also admitted in LNJP Hospital.

Maharashtra: Seven people infected with Omicron

In Pune district of Maharashtra, seven people have been confirmed to be infected with the new form of corona, Omicron. The infected include a woman from Nigeria and her two daughters. She has come to meet her brother in the nearby Pimpri-Chinchwad area. The woman’s brother and her two daughters have also been found infected with Omicron. At the same time, another person who returned from Finland to Pune in the last week of last month has also been confirmed to be infected with Omicron. So far eight people have been confirmed to be infected with Omicron in Maharashtra. Earlier in Thane district, a person was found infected with Omicron.


Rajasthan: Nine infected including four returned from South Africa

In Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, nine people have been confirmed to be infected with the Omicron variant. Of these, four people have returned from South Africa and five are their relatives who came in contact with them. All the four family members who had returned from South Africa had already been admitted to the RUHS hospital. Five other people who came in contact with him have also been found infected, they are also being admitted to RUHS. Samples were taken of 34 people who came in contact with him, including the family who returned from South Africa, of which nine people have been confirmed to be infected with Omicron. While the report of 25 people has come negative.

Country’s first case found in Karnataka

Omicron, a dangerous variant of the corona virus in the country, first knocked in Karnataka. Both the infected patients had come from South Africa. Confirming this, Union Joint Health Secretary Luv Aggarwal said that one of the patients found infected is 64 years old, while one person is 46 years old. Said that of the two people in whom this variant was confirmed, one has already returned to Dubai while the other has been kept in quarantine.

so spreading fast


Many people infected with Omicron have mild symptoms or no symptoms, depending on who is spreading it. 70 to 80 percent of people do not have symptoms and people feel it common cold and cough. The symptoms are also not serious because people are not even having problems like loss of smell or lack of oxygen.

fear around the world

  • Corona cases in South Africa have seen an increase of 408% in a week
  • Cases of Omicron variants in the UK have increased by 53 percent in a day
  • 246 cases of Omicron variant of Corona have come so far in UK
    According to experts, it can spread 10 times faster than the delta variant
    People who have taken both vaccines are also getting infected with Omicron.
    There is a possibility of spreading the virus to 30 people from one person infected with Omicron.


  • Dr. Rakesh Mishra, director of the Tata Institute for Genetics and Society, has said that other vaccines including Indian vaccines will be effective on this variant.

  • We are in a very strong position due to high sero positivity and vaccination. But we have to be careful.

  • The patient’s condition not being critical in the new variant is a good sign. No case of death from Omicron has been reported anywhere in the world.

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