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lion attitude quotes

lion face

If you have good faith then your heart starts pulling from your chest.
Reality reassures itself that it is not believed

It is not necessary to throw a stone to break something.
Even speaking with a change in tone breaks a lot.

Memories force or else
i don’t like poetry anymore

If you step into the township of poets, then go
The gathering of sorrows is also strange.

lion quotes in English

If you want to live like a lion, first learn to be fearless like him.

The lion is the king of the jungle because he has both strength and intelligence.

Lion can never hunt with his own strength, he has to use his intelligence too.

The lion is so passionate that it will die but will never eat grass.

There is a special thing in a lion that he lives on his own terms.

Dogs hunt in herds, lions are enough.

The real lion is the one who makes the impossible possible.

Like a lion, only a person can live his life who is not afraid of danger.

The territory belongs to the dogs, the whole kingdom belongs to the lions.

The fear of lion is so much that even animals and humans are afraid of him.

Quotes on lion in English

The power of the lion is considered to be the second most powerful after the elephant, which is why the heroes are compared to the lion. Every human being on this earth is known to live his life like a lion, like a lion is the king of the jungle, in the same way everyone wants to be the king of the city. If you also want to live life like a lion then you can use Lion quotes

The roar of a lion is enough to create fear among the people.

If you want to be a lion then first stop taking help of dogs.

Everyone in his field becomes a lion, but the one who defeats him alone in his field deserves a real lion.

The one who keeps fear in the hearts of people even after being in a cage is a lion.

When the lion is angry, the hunter also starts trembling with fear.

We have no right to enmity, because a lion never makes enmity, but directly destroys the enemy.

Only the one who had the courage to fight like him could stand in front of the lion.

lion Quotes In times of trouble, everyone wears a blanket of excuses,
But the one who reverses the loser’s bet is the real lion.

The world bows at his feet,
one who leaves identity
Like any place the lion passed
leaves its mark.

slogans of international tiger day in English

It is known to all that the lion is a carnivorous wild animal, which is also called the king of the jungle. Talking about an interesting fact related to the lion, when the lion roars, the sound of the lion’s roar can be heard even from five kilometers away. It is true that due to hunting and cutting of forests, the species of lion is rapidly becoming extinct, hunting lion is a legal crime, but despite all this, lions are hunted in a secret way. If you want to save the lion species from extinction, then you can use Sher ki Shayari.

If you want to learn to take risks, then learn to be courageous, even bad times are afraid to come near lions.

Be a lotus, not a mud, be a lion, not a jackal.

Singh believes in thrashing when threatened.

The lion’s paw does not forget to strike, no matter how old the lion becomes, it does not forget to hunt.

No matter how fast a jackal is, he never thinks of running faster than a lion.

He never saw the lion’s hard work, he sleeps later, stays up the whole night earlier and accomplishes his goal.

Be fearless like a lion, he does not change his life by the advice of sheep.

shayari on lion

A lion is called a king by his own strength.
There are never elections in the jungle.

Life is what lions are,
The rest are piles of mud.

The lion got injured but did not forget to roar,
Don’t forget to score a century in one go,
The dogs are understanding that the lion is enough,
Who should explain to them that, now it is their turn…

If it’s not mine, it’s no surprise, because the goat must love the lion, that’s not enough…

He rules over the one who rules over his heart.
Otherwise, there is a crown on the head of the street chicken.

Sher Shayari

The lion is the king of the jungle, because his fear is too much.
When the lion appeared, do not be afraid.
The roar of a lion creates a lot of panic in the mind of the hunter.
I like to be a lion, so fight all the troubles alone.
Such is the understanding of man. If the animal says anger and if you say lion then it becomes happy.

Sher Shayari English

Lion says don’t run away from the buzz
Appreciate it, rise in the air
time says coffee is tight
shut up, run away, don’t breathe
Akbar Allahabadi

A similar sight is seen with the lion as well.
Those who come to this earth with a heart of steel.

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