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what is netflix

Netflix is ​​an online streaming service. It provides such a service to its customers so that they can watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, serials, etc. on their Mobile Devices, Computer, Laptop or on their Smart TV.

Whereas with Netflix, if you want, you can enjoy unlimited ad-free viewing that too from such a large online database. Here Netflix keeps releasing so many Movies, Documentaries, TV Shows, Serials that you always get to see something new in it. At the same time, many TV shows and movies are also included every month so that they never give to the customers to get bored.

Monthly Price199499649799
HD AvailableNoNoYesYes
Ultra HD AvailableNoNoNoYes
Mobile PhoneYesYesYesYes
Unlimited Movies TV ShowsYesYesYesYes

history of netflix

If we know about the history of Netflix, then Netflix was started in August 1997 by two serial entrepreneurs Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings. This company was first started in Scotts Valley, California and later it has become the world’s largest internet entertainment platform.

When Netflix was launched, Netflix was purely a website-based movie rental service that used to rent DVDs online to people (ie its customers).

Users used to order DVDs for themselves at that time, which were provided by Post. When he finished watching the DVD, he had to send it back to Netflix via Post.

In today’s time, Netflix has more than 200 million paid subscribers all over the world. That too from more than 190 countries. At the same time, in this Netflix service, you will get to see a wide range of TV series, documentaries, and feature films, that too in many different genres and languages.

how to download netflix

Here today we will know how you can download Netflix? By the way, people have more problem in this thing that how they can download it in their mobile phone.

Let us now know how you can download Netflix on your SmartPhone or Mobile, while how to use it after download.

  1. Download App – If you want, you can download Netflix according to your mobile OS. For example, if you have an Android Phone then you can download it from Playstore. Whereas if you have iOS then you can download from AppStore.
  2. Install App – Once you have downloaded the Netflix App, then you must install it on your device.
  3. Open the Netflix App and use it – Once you have installed the Netflix App in your phone, then if you want, you can open it and use the Netflix App.

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