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👇👇Download file config 👇👇

You can set the controls of the vehicle just like the player. The game comes with three pre-set options. It is completely up to you which option you choose. We recommend that you play some games with all three of these settings and see with which settings you are able to drive well. For this, you go to the game’s ‘Settings’ and select the fourth number tab ‘Vehicle’.

turn on m assist

If you are a new player then this Aim Assist will be of great use to you. Aim Assist makes it easy to aim at the enemy. By turning it on, the game automatically targets the enemy in the game, but remember that it is not accurate, but if you are a new player then it would be good for you to start with Aim Assist, but we will tell you this after a time. Would recommend closing the option. You can also find ‘Aim Assist’ at the top of the Basic tab under the game’s settings.

turn on peak and fire

This option is turned off by default in the game. You must have seen many players in the game peeping crookedly from the building’s window, doors or behind trees and stones. This is a miracle of peak and fire. With Peak and Fire, you can peek out from behind a cover with just your head out and shoot enemies. With this your body is hidden inside the cover and you are much less likely to get shot. If you master this feature, you can easily save yourself and head towards Chicken Dinner. You can find Peek & Fire under the ‘Basic’ tab on the right side of the game’s settings.

Apart from this, there is also an option Peek & Open Scope. In the Peak and Open Scope option, the scope opens automatically as soon as the peak button is pressed. We would recommend you to enable this option as well. You can see this option next to Peak and Fire.

set automatic loot limit

In PUBG Mobile, your character automatically picks up the loot, but you can choose the loot limit yourself. There is a limit for each category in the game, in which it is pre-determined how many bullets or ammo etc. will be picked up by your character. You can change it by yourself. We would advise you to reduce the number of bullets slightly and increase the number of healths and grenades slightly. You can also set the Aemo according to the guns in it. For this option, go to the ‘Settings’ of the game and open the sixth tab ‘Pick Up’ on the right. Here you can make your own settings.

change sensitivity

According to the new player, the sensitivity in the game decreases, but still changing it can improve your game. Sensitivity refers to how sensitive your touch is. Slide your thumb or finger across the screen to change how fast the player turns or how quickly your gun shoots. If you lower the sensitivity of the game, sliding your finger or thumb across the screen makes the player turn slowly and if you open the gun’s scope your gun moves slowly. The same thing happens faster if you increase the sensitivity. If you are a new player, we recommend keeping the sensitivity at ‘Low’ or ‘Medium’.

This allows you to easily move your player around and it will also be easier for you to open the score and aim. You can also set different sensitivity for different scores, but we recommend sticking with the ‘Low’ and ‘Medium’ settings already set at the beginning. You can change this setting by going to the fifth tab ‘Sensitivity’ under ‘Settings’ of the game.

change color of crosshair

The crosshairs refer to the Aim of the gun coming into your game, which looks like a ‘+’. It also has many color options in the game. You can change its color according to you. We recommend applying a color that you can comfortably see in the grass. You can set different colors on the crosshairs of different scopes. For this, you have to go to the game’s settings and select the seventh tab ‘Scope’ on the right.

turn off mic and speaker

Every new player of pubg mobile is often heard shouting at other players or sometimes bad-mouthing because of your not playing well. In such a situation, new players are unable to focus on their game due to anger. Let us tell you here that now PUBG Mobile has given many options for mic and speaker. In the game you can turn off your mic. If you’re worried about other players on your team, you can turn off the sound of the entire team using the speaker icon on the right side of the screen. You also have this option if you want to reduce or mute the volume of one player on the team. For this, you have to tap on the speaker and slide the volume bar next to the player’s name. This will allow you to focus better on your game.