Taliban commander Mukhlis killed

Taliban commander Mukhlis killed

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Taliban commander Mukhlis killed, photo of Ghani sitting on chair goes viral

Kabul. After the occupation of Taliban in Afghanistan (Afghanistan crisis), the terrorist organization Haqqani network has suffered the biggest setback. Sirajuddin Haqqani’s chief military strategist and Kabul commander Hamdullah Mukhlis was killed in a suicide attack on a military hospital near Kabul on Tuesday. After the capture of Kabul, Hamdullah was the first to enter the office of President Ashraf Ghani.

Then the pictures of Maulvi Hamdulla Mukhlis sitting on Ashraf Ghani’s chair went viral. Hamdulla was also the commander of the Badri Brigade, a Taliban special force. This brigade has been given the responsibility of security in Kabul.

  • According to the news agency AFP, 19 people have died in this attack.While 50 people have been injured.
  • responsibility for this attack No organization has taken it up immediately.
  • Taliban in August Biggest ever since seizing power in Afghanistan This is an audacious attack. Islamic State has been responsible for earlier attacks.
  • The enemies of the Taliban are terrorists.

Well-known Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwari tweeted, ‘ISIS terrorists have now managed to kill their first most important target. Hamdullah was the most charismatic leader of the Taliban. This would certainly have shocked the Taliban leadership.

Bilal said that we will have to keep a close watch on the events that happen in the coming days and months. He asked, ‘Is this the beginning of a new disorder in Afghanistan? Will this affect the morale of the Taliban? Will this attack boost the morale of ISIS and lead to more attacks against the Taliban leadership?’

Taliban said – all the attackers were killed in 15 minutes

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the blast occurred at the entrance of the 400-bed Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan Hospital. This was followed by an attack by a group of Islamic State gunmen, all of whom were killed within 15 minutes. Mujahid said the Taliban’s Special Forces commando team was helicoptered to the hospital premises.

There were six attackers, two of whom were captured by the Taliban.

Hibtullah Jamal, a Taliban official in the Defense Ministry, said six attackers had arrived, of whom two were captured. He did not say how many people were killed or injured. “There have been casualties, including our personnel and civilians, but the number of casualties was not immediately clear,” Jamal said.

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