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If you want to achieve success in life then believe in hard work. Luck is tried in gambling.

If you want peace in life, it is better to change yourself than to complain about others. Because in the whole world it is easier to wear slippers on one’s own feet than to lay carpets.

Those who waste the nights in efforts, they give more air to the spark of dreams.

Some journeys have to be covered alone;
In every journey of life we ​​do not meet our companions!

Motivational quotes for you

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Life is full of wounds, learn to make time a healer, you have to lose, learn to live life first in front of death.

Who rejected me after seeing my time, I swear, I will bring such a time that I will have to meet by taking time..

Stairs are needed by those who have to go up to the roof. My destination is the sky, I have to make my own way.

Motivational quotes for student and teachers

Be patient, never be discouraged;
The one who created you is the greatest author of this universe!

Most of life’s mistakes are due to decisions made in haste; Think, analyze and then act on it.

Yesterday was also a traveler, I am still a traveler today, yesterday I was looking for my loved ones, today I am looking for myself!

Motivational quotes for lazy people

sit a girl on rock

Whoever has spent himself, the world has searched for him on Google.

The more you expect from fate, the more he will disappoint.
Have faith in Karma you will always get more than your expectations.

Those who talk a lot do not do anything and those who talk a lot do not believe in talking much

The path of struggle that walks; He alone changes the world. The one who won the battle through the nights, emerges there as the sun.

If you have got life, then show it as an example, otherwise the pages of history are printed nowadays even by giving bribe.

If victory is certain, even cowards can fight. Brave are called those who are sure of defeat, yet do not leave the field.

Motivational quotes for yourself and you life

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The destination tries man’s spirits, removes the veils of dreams from the eyes,
Do not give up on anything; Stumbling only teaches a man to walk.

Don’t wish for a lot, A-Zindagi Tujhse, just my next step be better than the last!!

Floors are very stubborn, where are they achieved by luck but
There even storms are defeated where the boats are stubborn.

Unsuccessful people change their decisions out of fear of the world, and successful people change the world with their decisions.

Those who are burdened with responsibilities do not have time to cry and break down.

Behind a capable person there are many capable companions. No one is alone.

Never become a house of cards in a storm, never get spoiled by crying, keep the courage to win the world.. Losing once doesn’t make any difference and winning once doesn’t make a Alexander!!

In the world of land of Karma, labor has to be done by all…
God only gives the lines, we have to fill the color..

Look for better and better, if you find the river, then look for the ocean, the glass breaks when the stones are broken by the hurt, look for such a mirror..!

Don’t be afraid of the dark, the stars shine only in the dark…

Don’t unnecessarily carry heavy burden on your heart, life is a beautiful battle, keep it up

Set a goal that will make you get out of bed in the morning…

Instead of getting prestige by falling at someone’s feet, decide to become something by walking on your feet.

Jesus never made a mistake that he never tried anything new.

If trouble comes, what will happen if you are afraid, figure out a way to live, what will happen if you die.


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