You can save your petrol with these Nine ways

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You can save your petrol with these Nine ways

  1. Use GPS.
  2. Refuel early in the morning or late at night.
  3. traffic alert.
  4. use the proper gear.
  5. Do not overuse the clutch.
  6. turn off the engine when the car is stopped.
  7. Pay attention to tire pressure.
  8. Maintenance and regular service.
  9. I want say Nine way you on comment.


These days GPS gadgets provide information about busy obstructions, traffic updates and diversions on the route. You can use GPS to avoid the route the traffic is on and find the shortest route. This will increase the mileage of your vehicle.

Refuel early in the morning or late at night

It is true that fuel expands when heated and condenses when cooled. The temperature is low in the morning or late night, so instead of filling oil in the afternoon or evening, it will be beneficial if you fill it in the morning or late at night.

Traffic alert

Correct traffic information is essential. These days there are traffic alerts on radio stations and smart phones, in which it is told where there is more traffic. If you plan your route accordingly, you can save fuel.

use the proper gear

To avoid putting too much stress on the engine, use a lower gear while driving and gradually increase it. The use of gear also depends on the engine of the vehicle. For example, if you drive a car with 150 cc engine in third gear at a speed of 55 kmph, then it is okay, going above this will put stress on the engine which will affect the mileage.

Do not overuse the clutch

Do not use the torch where it is not needed. New drivers often put more emphasis on the clutch. It consumes more fuel than this. This can also damage your Kalach plate. Use proper gears for this.

turn off the engine when the car is stopped

It is better to turn off the engine when the car is parked. If you are stuck in traffic for more than 10 seconds, turn off the ignition, this will save fuel. Don’t be under the misconception that restarting the engine will cost more fuel.

Pay attention to tire pressure

Paying attention to proper tire pressure will not only save you fuel but also increase the safety of the vehicle. The driver should be responsible for not applying excessive pressure to the tire and inflating the tire according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you want to carry more load or loads, read the vehicle handbook and adjust the tire pressure accordingly.

Maintenance and regular service

Regular maintenance and service of the vehicle helps to increase its mileage as the moving parts of the vehicle such as the engine and gearbox require lubrication. Failure to do so reduces its mileage. Pay special attention to service oil change, coolant oil level, chain lubrication.

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